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Anchorage, Alaska 99518


Our Safety Program begins with our corporate philosophy which states:

“It is Consolidated Enterprises, Inc. belief that our people are our most important assets. We realize that their safety is as important as the quality of their work and efficient production.”

We strive for accident free projects and firmly support this goal. Disregard for safety and repeated occurrences of accidents are grounds for termination. We believe that production is not so urgent that we can’t take time to do our work safely.

Our safety program has several key features which are implemented during the course of our work. These include:

The safe operation of our construction activities is of the utmost importance to Consolidated Enterprises, Inc. We strive to conduct our operations in the safest, most efficient manner with the least exposure to our employees, along with the users and their facilities.

We ensure that safety is managed in the same manner and with the same emphasis as production, cost and quality control.

Alaska DOT & PF, Sport Fish Hatchery Facility
“Subcontractor Safety and Quality Award”