633 E. 81st Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99518

EPDM Roofing

JBER Building 6, Child Development Center15,640 Sq. Ft

Removal of BUR roof system. Installed new Carlisle 90 mil EPDM roof system over Dens Deck cover board, EPS insulation, self-adhered vapor barrier, and Dens Deck thermal barrier. Included the installation of new coping, metal flashings, metal ladders, and a horizontal lifeline fall protection system.

West Anchorage High School Roof.157,300 Sq. Ft

Removal of EPDM and EPDM Ballasted roof systems including asbestos abatement. Installed Carlisle’s reinforced 60-mil EPDM fully adhered over Dens Deck coverboard, EPS insulation, self-adhered vapor barrier, and Dens Deck thermal barrier over wood and metal decks. Project also included structural seismic upgrades, new coping, new siding at parapets, permanent ladders, fall protection posts, and minor electrical and mechanical upgrades.

ANC Maint. Shop & Warm Storage Bldgs.54,958 Sq. Ft Combined

Removal of existing fully adhered EPDM roof system. Installation of 6 mil poly VR, tapered EPS insulation, 1/2″ dens deck prime, and fully adhered .060 EPDM. New metal flashing, new parapets, and structural upgrade to Building #1.

Huffman Elementary School Roof56,600 Sq Ft.

Removal of existing T clear ballasted EPDM roof system. Installation of 5/8″ densdeck, fire V-Force EPS tapered insulation, 1/2 HD ISO coverboard mechanically attached, fully adhered membrane, new metal flashing, and new parapet walls.

Milne Point Roof, Alaska North Slope6,000 Sq Ft

Removal of existing BUR, plywood EPS insulation and 2X4 blocking. Installation of Firestone V-Force poly ISO insulation (2 layers), 5/8″ dens deck, fully adhered .075 mil, and Firestone metal flashing.

Barnes & Noble Reroof. – 35,000 Sq Ft

Removal of existing mechanically attached EPDM and coverboard. Installation of 2″ HD/mechanically attached ISO composite, fully adhered .090 mil, and new metal flashing.

JBER Bldg. 5257 Repair/Replace Roof.  145,200 Sq Ft

Removal of existing BUR and tapered EPS insulation system. Installation of 1/2 gyp board, Firestone V-force, tapered insulation, 1/2 ISO board mechanically attached, fully adhered .060 membrane, and Firestone metal flashing.

JBER Bldg. 975 Repair/Replace Roof. – 25,000 Sq Ft 

Removal of existing IRMA gravel, pavers, and BUR roof. Installation of new parapet walls and a tapered EPS insulation system with .60 mil fully adhered EPDM roof. Installed new fascia metal and coping.

UAA Sports Arena Complex. – 110,000 Sq Ft 

Fully adhered Firestone 60 mil EPDM system with EPS insulation and crickets, thermal barrier and vapor barrier.

O’Malley Elementary School Roof Upgrades– 34,000 Sq Ft 

Removal of existing ballasted EPDM roof.  Installed new fully adhered Firestone 60 mil EPDM with EPS insulation vapor barrier and crickets.  Installed new metal flashing and siding, parapet wall framing, roof drains and structural plywood overlay of the roof deck.

Anchorage Intl’ Airport – N. Terminal, Concourse A, B & C 459,400 Combined Sq Ft 

Removal of existing roof system and installation of a fully adhered Carlisle .060 EPDM, EPS insulation, vapor barrier and thermal barrier.

C-17 Aircraft Maintenance Hangar 158,000  Sq Ft 

Installation of Firestone 60 mil EPDM fully adhered system with 5/8″ cover board, EPS insulation and crickets, 5/8″ thermal barrier and vapor barrier.