633 E. 81st Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99518

Project Log


West Anchorage High School Roof



King Tech High School Roof


Safeway Distribution Center Roof

Safeway Distribution Center Roof


Bass Pro Shops Roof

Bass Pro Shops Roof


Chugiak High School

Chugiak High School


Palmer High School

Palmer High School


Alaska Airlines Hangar Roof

Alaska Airlines Hangar Roof 1/2


Alaska Airlines Hangar Roof

Alaska Airlines Hangar Roof 2/2

rsz_anch_ted_stevens_airport_ Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Our roofing projects range from patching small roof leaks to complete structural upgrades, roof replacements and new roof systems. Some of our more recent, larger projects performed in the last few years are highlighted below:

● Building 704, JBER, AK

● Building 655, JBER, AK

● Building 974, JBER, AK

● Amazon Warehouse Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Bethel YKQCL Lodging Roof, Bethel, AK

● Mears Middle School Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Building 5250 Roof, JBER, AK

● Hangar 2 Roof, JBER, AK

● Building. 4241 Roof, JBER, AK

● Safeway Re-Roof, Ketchikan, AK

● Fred Meyer South East Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Hangar 15 Roof, JBER, AK

● Building 6 Child Development Center Roof, JBER, AK

● Hangar 8 Roof, JBER, AK

● Prudoe BOC Kitchen Roof, Prudoe Bay, AK

● Gruening Middle School Roof, Eagle River, AK

● USP&FO Building, JBER, AK

● CLR039a LRDR Power Plant Roof, Clear AFB, AK

● TelAlaska Earthquake Repair Roof, Anchorage, AK

● East High School Roof, Anchorage, AK

● YMCA Earthquake Repairs Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Repair Roof Comm. Bldg. 652, JBER, AK

● New Homer Police Station Roof, Homer, AK

● Medline Distribution Warehouse Roof, Anchorage, AK

● West High School Roof Replacement, Anchorage, AK

● Replace Roof Hazmat Building, JBER, AK

● Replace Roof Fitness Center Facility Roof, JBER, AK

● Replace Roof Fitness Center, B9510, JBER, AK

● The Shops at Seritage Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Asplund Waste Water Treatment Facility Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Repair Parachute Dryer Tower Roof, JBER, AK

● Student Nutrition Roof and Refrigeration Replacement, Anchorage, AK

● King Tech High School Roof Replacement, Anchorage, AK

● Nunaka Valley Elementary School Roof Replacement, Anchorage, AK

● Statewide Door & Glass Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Building 700 Re-Roof, JBER, AK

● Agrium North Complex Roof, Nikiski, AK

● UAA Alaska Airlines Center Snow Guards, Anchorage, AK

● Odom Warehouse Roof, Anchorage, AK

● New Alaska Airlines Hangar Roof, Anchorage, AK

● LRDR MCF-Clear AFB Roof, Clear AFB, AK

● ANTHC Childcare & Education Center Roof, Anchorage, AK

● SBS Truss Plant Re-Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Diamond Animal Hospital Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Dave and Buster’s Roof, Anchorage, AK

● New Don Sheldon Mountain House Roof,
Denali National Park, AK

● Design/Build ANC Maint. Shop & Warm Storage Bldgs. Reroof ,   Anchorage, AK

● Design/Build Huffman Elementary School Roof Upgrades,         Anchorage, AK

● Barnes & Noble Re-Roof, Anchorage, AK

● Repair Roof Bldg. 5257, JBER, AK

● Alaska Regional Hospital Snow Removal, Anchorage, AK

● Milne Point Camp Roof Upgrade, Prudhoe Bay, AK

● Repair/Replace Bldg. 975, JBER, AK

● Girdwood Fire Station 41 Roof, Girdwood, AK

Goldenview Emergency Roof Repairs

Design/Build Romig Middle School Gym Structural Upgrades

Gladys Wood Elementary School Roof

Repair Roof, Bldg. 5327, JBER, AK

UAF Butrovich Roof Replacement

Milne Point Kitchen Roof, Prudhoe Bay, AK

West Fred Meyers Roof – Fairbanks, AK

West High School ROTC Pod Reroof

Anchorage Museum Expansion Project Roof

West High School Math Wing Re-Roof

Matanuska Susitna Borough – 4 School Re-Roof

Tyson Elementary School Re-Roof

Airport Heights Elementary School Roof

KPB, Homer MS & Paul Banks ES Roofs

Wasilla Public Library Roof

ML&P Plant 2 Expansion Roof

Repair Roof Bldg. 8288 – JBER

Repair Roof Bldg. 755 – JBER

YMCA Addition/Renovation Roof

UAA ADT Roof Replacement

Bethel Youth Facility Roof

Replace Roof, Bldg. 602 – JBER

FTR198 Buckner Fitness Facility Roof

OPA MOB Remodel Roof

MEA Admin &WSM Bldg. Roofs

O’Malley Elementary School Re-Roof

Chili’s Dimond Center Roof

Replace Roof, Bldg. 604 – JBER

Replace Roof, Bldg. 796 – JBER

Add/Alter Fire Station #4 Roof – JBER

Dimond Center West Side Addition Roof

Eklutna Power Block Roof

Fred Meyer Northern Lights Roof

Bass Pro Shop Roof

Yukon Yuskowim Regional Aquatic Center Roof-Bethel

Chugiak High School Roof Upgrades

Replace Roof, Bldg. 501 – Ft. Greely

Turnagain Elementary School Roof Upgrades

Safeway Distribution Center Roof – Area 4

Kipusvik Roof, Bethel

UAA Seawolf Sports Area Roof

UAA KPC Student Housing Roof- Kenai


Kendall Auto Body Re-Roof

Wasilla Middle School, Wasilla High School Roof Replacements

Safeway Distribution Center Roof – Area 2 & 3

FTR159 Battle Command Roof – JBER

American Fast Freight Re-Roof

Bldg. 730 Re-Roof, JBER

McLaughlin Youth Center Boiler Roof

FTR273 Repair POL Lab, Bldg 986 Roof – JBER